Did we mention we’re women?

As a minority-owned agency in the Mid-South, we’re quite familiar with the female audience, their strong purchasing power and even stronger influence. And we’ve been targeting women—and many others—for our clients for more than a decade.  

From our second-story loft office in the heart of the South Main Arts District in Memphis, Tennessee, Hemline has helped companies and organizations of all types and sizes, with all kinds of causes and needs that stretch the spectrum from straight PR to three-year deep-dive strategic marketing plans. We’ve created new identities, launched one-of-a-kind products and freshened stale looks with inspiring new creative.

We work hard, love our town, collaborate closely with our client, and crave what we do for them. Simply put, we shape brands, great brands, for people who in turn shape us. It’s likely one of the reasons nearly all of our clients have come to us from a referral—a great measurement for any business, in our book.

We’re proud to say we’re 100 percent female-owned and -operated, and while our size may be boutique, our resources are global.