The Hemline Theory of Economics reveals that a smart style moves with the times without changing the core fabric of your brand.


Is your company keeping up with trends while following a pattern for success? Have you sacrificed what your brand stands for? Do you even remember what it is? Perhaps what you need is a new perspective—an agency that comes alongside you and works creatively to seamlessly tie it all together—an agency called Hemline.

We work with our clients as partners to establish a goal that’s grounded in careful research and analysis, ingenuity and collaboration, motivation and measurement. When we reach our goal, we reach it together.

Our approach to how we plan and implement marketing and communications strategies for our clients.



We ask a lot of questions.
Studying your organization enables us to learn about your management styles, internal policies and goals, current partnerships and marketing plans.

Hemline Theory | Define


We look for patterns to emerge and grasp why, how, when and what may influence your audiences and how you compare to your peers. 

Hemline Theory | Build


Here we build a communications creative strategy outlining how to reach the right targets with the right messages. This is the framework for creative materials.

Hemline Theory | Implement


Creation of the actual tools that will build your brand and increase affinity and engagement. 


Onboarding key stakeholders is paramount to brand adoption and success as the new platform begins dissemination. 



Determining return on investment (or impact created) closes the loop on communications and marketing strategies and lays groundwork for future initiatives.