You can't ignore 60%.

People love their mobile devices. We know this isn't ground-breaking, earth-shattering or even mind-boggling.

But you want to know what IS noteworthy and game changing? 60% of worldwide Internet traffic now comes from mobile devices.

Let that sink in a bit.


For comparison's sake, in 2012 that number was 16%.

We're beyond a trend, we're talking about a new normal. And the big question is: How is your brand performing in the digital sphere? Have you developed a responsive website design adaptive to the user's device? You've likely experienced the frustration of having to pinch and zoom to read text or simply find a business phone number within a non-responsive website on your smartphone. You probably give up and navigate away when getting the info you need becomes more work than it should be. You’re not the only one. People are likely leaving your site too if it isn't designed with the mobile user in mind.

It's time to take a look at the most valuable part of your communication strategy and let Hemline make it a strategic aspect of your brand no matter what device your audience is using. Get in touch...