Time to refresh

When clients hear the word “rebrand” they sometimes get a chill, like a bristling on the back of the neck, or sometimes their cheeks go flush. They get nervous. They think “this brand is my baby, it’s gotten me this far. Why would I change now?” To that I ask a question in return, “Would you go on a first date with someone you really liked wearing something that had been in your closet for 20 years?” Of course not. As brand managers we know that the first impression has to rock someone's world if you ever want to get another chance to tell your story. And isn’t that what we are supposed to do with our brands? Give people just enough so that they ask for more and become truly engaged? 

We’re not asking you to change your mission, or vision, or even your values. We’re asking you to assess your brand’s personality for today compared to when you launched. Perhaps your products and services have changed, the market’s needs have changed, your corporate structure has changed. At the very least your customers have changed, they are older with different needs, or do you want more of the same? Maybe your brand is simply tired, or outdated or diluted or confused in the market. Maybe it needs a new style, a new voice, an updated image. 

So don’t call it a rebrand if that scares you. Call it necessary. Call it a life-saver. Call it “for the next generation.” Call it a refresh. Then call Hemline.